S.O.F.A Student Chapters

There has been a rise in the involvement of youths in matters of conservation. This has been high mainly in the developed countries where people have the resources and knowledge pertaining animal welfare is shared. SOFA gives a platform for students in Africa to be involved in conservation. Student members are taught on the importance of animal welfare and how to be incorporate conservation in their respective professions. This enables SOFA to have different ideas as on how to deal with wildlife issues arising day by day. The first SOFA Student’s chapter was launched at the University of Zimbabwe and since being established the students have learnt on various aspects in the field of animal law as well as conservation. The students also had their say in some matters which made headlines in the press for example the Matebeleland donkey abattoir construction. The first university semester of 2018 will see the establishment of the Great Zimbabwe University SOFA student’s chapter.