Legislation regarding Animal Life


As world population increases, humans need more and more resources most of which we share with animals. Its a fact that humans are the top of the chain when it comes to all living organisms so it is our sole responsibilty to make sure we make this world a habitable place for all species.

Fortunately there are laws and regulations put in place by governments and world bodies which are blueprints to an environment where we can live with animals without conflict or taking advantage of them. At SOFA we have taken it as our job to enlighted and educate people from all walks of life of the importance of upholding these animal laws.


  • Animal Law Statute Book. download

  • Zimbabwe Parks and Wild Life Act [Chapter 20:14]. download

  • Bees Act (Chapter 19:02). download

  • Animal Health Act. download

  • Prevention of cruelty to animals act. download

  • Agricultural Research Act. download

  • Animal Law. download

  • Public Health Act. download

  • Quelea Control Act. download

  • Scientific Experiments On Animals Act. download

  • Trapping Of Animals Control Act. download

  • Veterinary Surgeons Act. download

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